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U.S. looking carefully at China rare earth policy

U.S. looking carefully at China rare earth policy By Tom Barkley WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The Obama administration continues to explore ways to pressure China to ease restrictions on exports of rare earths, a US trade official said Tuesday. "We are looking very carefully in working on the … Read more on MarketWatch Shoeless no more? […]

What Are Politics

Article by Tony Hanes Recently searches have increased for the phrase “what are politics”. Its almost as if there is a quantum vibe spreading through the masses and asking us to wake up, and wake up now. Politics are usually something that is postponed until middle age. Increasingly kids and young people are finding this […]

United Nations UFO and ET Policy – Antonio Huneeus LIVE

This presentation chronicles the international perspective of the ET issue and includes: 1. A history of the United Nations UFO Initiative. 2. France, Italy, Chile, and other official efforts. J. Antonio Huneeus (Chile) is a Chilean-American science journalist and internationally known researcher of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. He has covered the field from an international perspective as […]

How your business can thrive in any economy

How your business can thrive in any economy As adults, riding the ups and downs of the stock market and the economy is enough to make us sick. But as a small business, your company has the advantage of being able to thrive in any economy and not be caught up in macro-economy gyrations. … […]

How to Find The Ideal Car Insurance Policy For a Married Couple With 2 Automobiles

Article by Kerrie Cherepy It makes sense to combine your vehicle insurance policy policies coverage after you get married, because most auto insurance companies would offer you a multi-vehicle discount, which would make your monthly payments a lot cheaper. However, it will need a little effort on your part, to find the ideal car insurance […]

How to Get Rid of International Hunger?

style=”text-align:justify;”> How To Get Rid of Global Hunger? Hunger Reasons and Their Solutions UnemploymentPolitical ConditionsUnequal Distribution of WealthDisciplined NationsTimeMaterialismUnityInternational InvestmentsModern StudyMultinational Companies Man has been suffering hunger since his creation and it is so mighty that man bows before it. Hunger turns a man beast and there is no class of people who is not […]

What will happen to the economy when the stimulus runs out?

Question by John: What will happen to the economy when the stimulus runs out? The country is running on borrowed money. What’s going to happen when we run out and can’t borrow any more? It’s like we are living on credit cards. Sure, the economy LOOKS better but sooner or later we run out of […]