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What does this new immigration policy regarding deportations really mean?

Question by Landshark: What does this new immigration policy regarding deportations really mean? I just watched CNN and they were talking about this new immigration policy regarding deportations.Apparently,the Obama administration wants to stop the deportation of some 300K illegals who don’t pose a threat to national security and allow them to apply for a work […]

Where To Find Employment Opportunities In A Slow Economy

Article by Stewart Wrighter When the economy hits a slump and unemployment rises, people panic because they believe there are no jobs to be found. While many people may have a tough time finding employment in a slow economy, there are jobs that will always be plentiful no matter what happens. Part of this is […]

What’s Wrong with Mexico? Drugs, Dinosaurs and Dithering

Denise Dresser will evaluate the limitations of the Calderon governments war on drugs and how the current climate of insecurity explains the renewed electoral strength and political renaissance of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). She will also address the characteristics of Mexicos dysfunctional political economy that explain why the country seems condemned to muddle through, […]

How globalised is the world political economy?

Question by mirnic_85: How globalised is the world political economy? Best answer: Answer by susiso much so that if it gets any more globalized, we won’t know one country from another. Jeez, that pisses me off! Add your own answer in the comments!

Market Economy

Article by Kevin Brown ? MARKET EKONOMY.The fundamental principles and mechanisms of the alternative, a market economy, remain unfamiliar or misunderstood — despite its demonstrable successes in diverse societies from Western Europe to North America and Asia. In part, this is because the market economy is not an ideology, but a set of time-tested practices […]

Plumbing Policies

From the title of the article you can assess that what is to be stated. We would like to advise you to choose a company which sells the plumbing material, provides plumbing installation and repairing services with guarantee. The company should be a famous and well reputed. As compared to other companies, the standing of […]

John Perkins, “Our Economy has been Stolen by Robber Barons”

To watch more visit us @ Watch the full episode @ In the first part of our interview with John Perkins on Capital Account, Lauren Lyster speaks with the former Economic Hitman about what he calls is a “mutant form” of capitalism or corporatism that encourages corporations to scour the globe in search […]