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paper topic for international political economy?

Question by mike: paper topic for international political economy? Any ideas for a topic for an international political economy class? Best answer: Answer by Double JohnsonInternational bankers want to control the world through money and play puppeteer. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Are the Republicans trying to hurt the economy for political reason ?

Question by Vesaversa1: Are the Republicans trying to hurt the economy for political reason ? Yesterday, ABC News leaked a confidential report from investment bank Goldman Sachs warning that the spending cuts proposed by the Republicans to take effect this year would slow the economy by 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product. It also found […]

International Government Relations, Inc. Mobilizing International Business and Governments

THE SECRET OF OUR SUCCESS is divining globalization in business and economics changing the way business operates. IGR five services take focus onthe most pressing needs affecting all business professionals providing needed leadership guidance in the following areas: international practice specializes in communications strategies and advocacy for governments and businesses: managing global mergers and acquisitions, […]

What are strategies and tactics of international politics?

Question by Joseph Sunday: What are strategies and tactics of international politics? Best answer: Answer by Travis AndersonThe Principles of Strategy are universal regardless of what field they are applied to-that’s the key to understanding my answer. That being said, a lot depends on the specific situation, be it war, peace, trade negotiations, recognition or […]

Political Risks In International Trade

In the era of globalization and international trade, host countries may be facing rigid legislative, judiciary and governmental institutions, unfavourable to international operations from foreign firms. Moreover, dictatorships, bribery, corruption and unstable governments are, in many cases, substantial reasons for assessing the political risk involved in a firm’s launching onto a foreign country. Political changes […]

IN THE PAPERS NATIONAL – Sarkozy puts his economic policy into reverse

IN THE PAPERS NATIONAL – Thursday’s French papers are all about budget cuts after the French government announced another 12 billion euros worth yesterday. The right-wing papers are thrilled – the left say he’s going back on all the policy promises he made when came into office. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7

Political Equality – Marching vs Lobbying?

In Capitalist America everything seems to be “for sale,” but what about the Government? In 2006, according to The Center For Responsive Politics, corporations, labor unions, and other organizations spent .6 billion to”lobby” Congress and all other federal agencies. Who spent the most money trying to convince law makers to support their cause? Exxon Mobil, […]

Economy News India-Insight of India’s Growth

Article by Nikita Verma Fate of a country is determined by a set of individuals known as Politicians. In a Democracy as India, majority forms Government and rest of them constitute opposition meant to keep a check on activities partake by the ruling party. As the policies formulated by people in Government set the pace […]