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Indonesia inflation slows, but sliding rupiah a concern

Indonesia inflation slows, but sliding rupiah a concern Complicating the policy outlook in Southeast Asia's biggest economy is the risk of higher food inflation from next year when Indonesia and other rice importers face a rise in prices from Thailand, the world's biggest rice exporter, following a new Thai … Read more on Reuters Cultural […]

What are the different theories of public policy?

Question by Katherine C : What are the different theories of law and order ? I need an essay about how I would like a change in public policy by using different theories to write, but despite a lot to read, I can not understand the theories. They took best answer? Reply by Sandra M […]

Finally, Scientific Proof That An Elitisit American Political Class Exists

Many Americans have always suspected that an elitist, royalty-like political class has been evolving in America for a long time. There had been some fragmentary, indirect evidence pointing to the existence of this class of royalty: People in this class seem to always vote themselves better pay levels, better retirement plans, better health care coverage, and far […]

Back pain and the economic downturn

Written by Brian Welsch It’s not news that the world economy as a whole is bad. Whether in the U.S. or the world, the prolonged economic slump is something that is not a surprise to millions of people today. However what a surprise to some people, no surprise once you install and think about it. […]

Politics, Law and Cyber ​​Crime

lawyers working for the federal government are facing a new threat: those who wish to start a war over the Internet. The last increase in cyber attacks appear to be from China, although there are some from Spain in recent weeks. And their goals? The U.S. government and intelligence computers. The FBI issued a warning […]

How is McCain going to help the economy?

Ask USMC Wife : How McCain will help the economy I am genuinely curious what the Republicans John McCain will do to the economy. I have not heard of a uniform policy when it comes to the economy. I do not know that he will reduce taxes. I fully support the tax and is not […]

The more immigration to the U.S. economy?

qwertyuiop Question : How immigration to the U.S. economy to increase Immigration is a sign of hope? Is it a danger to the economy? ? What most people seem to effect the observed increase in immigration Best answer: Answer by Roxy I think sooner or later this will lead to the collapse of our economy. […]

David Cameron: Debt Crisis In Eurozone Threat To World Economy

David Cameron: Debt Crisis In Eurozone Threat To World Economy Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, he said the debt crisis in the eurozone was “a threat not just to itself, but also a threat to the UK economy, and a threat to the world economy”. He reiterated that eurozone leaders had to take […]