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PROFILES: Rebekah Brooks – NOTW Phone Hacking

PROFILE: Rebekah Brooks This edition of Profile was broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday 16th April 2011 at 19.00pm. Click the link below to SUBSCRIBE to the ‘News of the World Phone Hacking’ YouTube channel @ For upto date news on the hacking scandal, follow me on Twitter @ ‘Profile’ is an insight […]

Gidget’s Foreign Policy

Check it out, it’s Chekov (Walter Koenig) from Star Trek! Here he plays the fiancé of Inga, a Scandinavian student staying with Gidget and her dad. Unhappy that Inga doesn’t do anything for herself, Gidget shows her how to deal with boys. More Minisodes, free TV & movies: TWITTER Tags: Gidget tv sally […]

Political Pontifications

As a student of history, I have always been fascinated by the sociopolitical events which led to the Fascist take over of Germany, and how they were so successful, as many people seemed to be caught so unaware of the impending doom that loomed upon the horizon; how could they have been so blind, as […]

What is your favorite disliked unconstitutional policy in US?

Question by : What is your favorite disliked unconstitutional policy in US? I personally would say that the Lautenberg Amendment and the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy are the most unconstitutional law there is. The Lautenberg Amendment violates the Second Amendment; the right to bear arms. The “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy violates basic human […]

Small And Medium Business – How to Thrive in a Tough Economy?

Amidst a recession or in a tough ecocnomical scenario, a small to mid-sized businessman has to ready his mindset to face the worst, but at the same time, put all his best efforts to come out of the trying situations. The gruelling effects of recession and the consequent downturn of economy have to be tackled […]