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Top Ten Management on Inappropriate Policies: An Overview of How The International Monetary Fund Fails on Nearly Every Conceivable Level

Introduction             This article pertains primarily to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its use of inappropriate policy changes mandated by their Structural Adjustment Programs that they reinforce in poor countries.  Within this article, I mention the original intention of the SAP, as well as the ways it is wrongly implemented.  I give examples of […]

UN Ambassador: GOP 'Playing Politics' with International Issues

UN Ambassador: GOP 'Playing Politics' with International Issues By Lara Seligman UN Ambassador Susan Rice on Wednesday accused the GOP's leading presidential candidates of playing politics with important international issues in criticizing the Obama administration's handling of Israel and Palestine. … Read more on National Journal Get rid of inefficient taxes – IMF The IMF […]

Hikers In Iran – Caught in Web of International Politics

Hikers In Iran – Caught in Web of International Politics Although no answer can be definitive in Bauer and Fattal's situation, a good guess is that they have been the victims of both internal and international politics. The two men along with their companion, Sarah Shourd, who was released last year on … Read more […]

what is an Action-forcing event in International Politics?

Question by Suicide Bandit: what is an Action-forcing event in International Politics? – i am writing about a “Action-forcing” event in international politics that currently exists, for my history class. -it has to involve the united states either domestically or internationally. the subject has to be so important that it requires the President take a […]

Prof. Robert Pape on “Dying to Win” (Part 1 of 4)

This is part one of a lecture titled Dying to Win delivered by Dr. Robert Pape (read more below) at Duke University on March 23, 2011. This lecture was sponsored by the Muslim Life at Duke University. From The University of Chicago website: Dr. Robert Pape is professor of Political Science and director of the […]

Euro market doing job, forcing political response

Euro market doing job, forcing political response Tougher fiscal and economic governance rules will be required as will some demonstration of the political will to move towards a greater fiscal union in Europe. However, market pressure will be needed to ensure some advancement on the political front, … Read more on New Zealand Herald No […]

Iron Clad Corporate Security Policies

Corporate security should be an organization-wide concern, not just an IT one. Every employee in your company plays a role in maintaining corporate security. As internal and external security threats are on the rise, you’ll need to make sure that your company’s corporate security policy works with you to protect the company from any type of security breach. Here are […]

A political economy

A political economy … blaming the situation on political wrangling and the Republicans' refusal to adopt his "balanced approach;" while Republicans put the onus squarely on Mr. Obama and the Democrats' mismanagement of the American economy, which is, … Read more on Winnipeg Free Press Razeen Sally: European twilight, Asian sunrise … will provide even […]

Low-carbon Economy

Article by Sylvia Faced with an increasingly harsh climate issues, each of us need to act, collaboration and control of carbon dioxide to reduce emissions, promote low carbon, low-carbon economy, and low-carbon city.Low-carbon, to make life better, makes the city more sustainable.The so-called low-carbon economy, is under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, […]