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Article by Nikita Verma

Fate of a country is determined by a set of individuals known as Politicians. In a Democracy as India, majority forms Government and rest of them constitute opposition meant to keep a check on activities partake by the ruling party. As the policies formulated by people in Government set the pace of development of the country, Politics plays very important role in the life of its citizens. Importance of politics can be better understood by the way we wait f or latest politics news daily. Where India is concerned, states news like UP, Bihar, J&K, Punjab, Maharashtra and West Bengal News forms a better part of reporting of News Channels and newspapers. Politics makes Economy news India when trade policies are being talked of or activities of Business people is hindered or facilitated by politicians. Interdependency of Politics and Economy is something to be scrutinized.

We think of only wrongs it has done when we talk of politics. Politics has a lot of scope, more than it has been able to replicate into development of country. Even if most of the possible things have already been accomplished (as in developed countries) lot to improve and to achieve is still left. Latest political news from most developed nation as Japan, Germany or US can prove this point. Politics like every other profession demands certain target to be accomplished and tasks to be fulfilled. They are expected to lead country to a better position than before just like a business is supposed to make more profit and grow with the professional it recruits.

Recent times have been favorable to country as the politics worked for better. Economy news India is reflecting more growth reportedly and politics has definitely played its crucial part. Stock Market has its own way to tell that story. Standard of living of every family has risen along with the rise in per capita income. There are those who resist such development as exemplified by events of West Bengal News. State Government has proved impeding rather than facilitating economical growth. Change in political Scenario of state can do some good.

Being on road of transition can make a country very sensitive to the activities in the nation. Resistance is going to make this process difficult. We should try to make it in to a right direction that could be fruitful for its people. Keeping up with latest Political news and economy news India is one step to do the same so that what better can be done, could be thought of.

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