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The Legal and Organized Political Power

Article by Artur Victoria The components of national power of the state, qualitative and quantitative factors of economic, political, social and military power are needed to interpret the same state as a dynamic social relationship, which necessarily interacts with all facets of social behavior. The combination of these optical multidisciplinary appreciate the history and present […]

Scientific Proof That An Elitist American Political Class Now Exists

Article by Bruno Korschek Many Americans have always suspected that an elitist, royalty-like political class has been evolving in America for a long time. There had been some fragmentary, indirect evidence pointing to the existence of this class of royalty: – People in this class seem to always vote themselves better pay levels, better retirement […]

Political Dissertation ? A Reply to: What? When? How?

What? When? How? These 3 question marks usually build up when someone has been asked to submit a Political dissertation. But these question marks play a major role to any Political dissertation. Seeking answers to preceding question marks can help you develop a that one has never seen before. How to proceed further! It’s better […]

Political Debate for Political Minds

International Politics is a significant study in political science. With the help of engaging International debate, you can sharpen your knowledge and understanding regarding this field. You can get all those required expertise using such type of politics. In International politics, only two types of tenets constructivism theories are accepted, if we take the first, […]

Political Campaigns

            It’s early November. The first snow has just fallen, and the first instances of winter have just begun to show themselves. The dry and dreary fall gives way to the beauty of the white blanket. Indoors, however, the politicians are finishing up their candidacy and awaiting the voice of the […]

Obama says political divide is hurting economy

Obama says political divide is hurting economy By Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Saturday that bitter fights between Democrats and Republicans in Washington were hurting the economy and he urged lawmakers to embrace compromise in order to boost job growth. … Read more on Reuters Global Economic Downturn: Crisis of […]

Pakistan political Talk Shows

are very much popular in our public. In the Mushraff regime the government gave the licenses for private channels and after it there started a race of private news channels. In the mean while some big news channels came into existence and made their brand name due to exclusive news reporting in a little bit […]

Political Economy of India?s Special Economic Zones: a Conceptual Frame Work

   Every country stands for its own development. For this purpose the state introduces and implements new policies and programmes such as Special Economic Zones Act. After 60 years of its independence India with its 110 core population has evolved a new paradigm of its political economy which is confusing. The policies and programmes initiated […]

Downing Street ? the focal point of international political arena

Stretching from the Whitehall artery at Westminster in London is one of the most famous streets in the world, Downing Street of England. For more than two centuries this renowned street has nestled the official residences of the most senior British officials, the First Lord of Treasury and the Second Lord of Treasury. The First […]

What is the best political economy blog?

Question by ILtrackxc: What is the best political economy blog? I am looking for a blog to stay up to date on the political economy. Do you guys recommend any in particular? Best answer: Answer by lescubbieshttp://talkpoliec.blogspot.com/ Is a very good political economy blog run buy a number of graduate students in economics and young […]

The Political Economy of War | Thomas DiLorenzo

Thomas DiLorenzo presented this sample lecture from the Mises Academy’s latest online course, “The Political Economy of War,” which began on 21 September 2010. For more information, visit academy.mises.org Music by Kevin MacLeod. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Concepts of political economy for Italy and France?

Question by Bankai: Concepts of political economy for Italy and France? Does Italy follow liberalism, marxism or mercantilism? Same goes for France? Best answer: Answer by Anti-Liberalthere are no such concepts. Add your own answer in the comments!

The Economic Uncertainty Caused By Political Uncertainty

Although every single economic enhancement program launched by this administration has been a failure, you do have to give it credit for trying since the failures happened is so many different ways: – Failure Type 1 – these failures spent a lot of taxpayer money to incentivize economic behavior that would have happened anyway. Two prime […]

Internal Political Animosity Greatest Impediment towards Economic Upliftment!

Article by Anne Catherine Apart from the economic conditions and theories that affect the economy of a given country, the political and social condition of that country is also very much responsible for its economic state. In fact the internal state of affairs of a country matters the most if it has to make the […]

Political Economy as a Student’s Required Academic Discipline.

Article by Wheeler Randy A student is required to take a course in high school or college that is dedicated to political economy. Political economy narrates a person about many countries’ trade unions and their cooperation with each other. Trade may even become a subject of secret service agencies’ interest at some point. An example […]

Euro market doing job, forcing political response

Euro market doing job, forcing political response Tougher fiscal and economic governance rules will be required as will some demonstration of the political will to move towards a greater fiscal union in Europe. However, market pressure will be needed to ensure some advancement on the political front, … Read more on New Zealand Herald No […]

A political economy

A political economy … blaming the situation on political wrangling and the Republicans’ refusal to adopt his “balanced approach;” while Republicans put the onus squarely on Mr. Obama and the Democrats’ mismanagement of the American economy, which is, … Read more on Winnipeg Free Press Razeen Sally: European twilight, Asian sunrise … will provide even […]

Globalised Economic World And Regionalised Political Orders Must Harmonise

Article by John Sylvester Yesterday, Britain’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, called for a “new global order” to deal with the economic crisis and warned against the protectionist policies that were put in place in the 1930s. Tackling issues on the global economy, the prime minister said that a “radical step-up in global cooperation” was necessary […]

How did the Reagan administration 1980-1988 reshape the American political economy?

Question by tom: How did the Reagan administration 1980-1988 reshape the American political economy? How did Paul Volker and Ronald Reagan “slay the inflation dragon”? How did the Reagan administration’s foreign policy challenge the Soviet Union and how did William Casey and Ronald Reagan help bring down the “Evil Empire”? Why did the Soviet Union […]

How could Production AG political impact of alfalfa grown?

Question from chianinagirl : How do domestic political impact of alfalfa production ag is ? AFAIK – there is no direct regulation regarding alfalfa hay or. So how policy may affect the production of alfalfa AG? Specific policy best answer? Reply Jo first all agriculture has some alfalfa growing reglementation.Pour they just fall under the […]

Finally, Scientific Proof That An Elitisit American Political Class Exists

Many Americans have always suspected that an elitist, royalty-like political class has been evolving in America for a long time. There had been some fragmentary, indirect evidence pointing to the existence of this class of royalty: People in this class seem to always vote themselves better pay levels, better retirement plans, better health care coverage, and far […]

Political Communication Tools and Tactics

Every campaign needs a robust political communications arsenal to get the message out. And every fall, thousands of campaigns from coast to coast scramble against the clock to maximize the resources they have to pull off a victory. The best strategy is simply to plan ahead well in advance and arm yourself with the most […]