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Political Communication Tools and Tactics

Every campaign needs a robust political communications arsenal to get the message out. And every fall, thousands of campaigns from coast to coast scramble against the clock to maximize the resources they have to pull off a victory. The best strategy is simply to plan ahead well in advance and arm yourself with the most […]

The political economy as an academic discipline of a student.

Article by Randy Wheeler A student needs a course in high school or university dedicated to the political economy. Political economy tells a person to trade unions in many countries and their cooperation with others. Commerce, even a topic of interest intelligence “to a certain point. An example of this effort would American officials” to […]

When will revival of political economy start ?

Question by Katelyn Kaylee: When will revival of political economy start ? Best answer: Answer by ellisdeeHopefully never….”political economy”? Give your answer to this question below!

The Top 10 Political Scandals

10. Bob Allen Bob Allen (born 1958) is a former American politician who was a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 until 2007, representing Florida’s 32nd district. His district included portions of Brevard and Orange Counties.   He made headlines in 2007 after being arrested for offering for the opportunity to […]

The differences between the political and economic systems of Tsarist Russia and the West as origins of the Cold War

Political differences between the United States and the Soviet Union were mostly developed after World War II, when Europe declined leading to the sharing of power between the two nations. In fact, the strong political oppositions, but also the differences of the economic systems between the two super-powers, were a conflict between Communism and Capitalism. […]

How serious is political risk for private equity in Africa?

Just as Africa is being touted as the last investment frontier capable of delivering super returns, the recent populist ousting of Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, and Tunisian president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, has raised for many investors the continent’s old ghost of political risk. And, yes, in extreme situations such as we have seen in […]

Zohar Ben-Asher – Bureaucracy, Organisation And Political Change

A Critical Analysis of Approaches to the Study of Organisation It is of rather common agreement that organisation, at least originally, was formed in order to pursue the common interests of specific groups.[1] It is far from being agreed, however, what roles are played by various sorts of internal organisational structures, especially when somehow related […]

What ideal political economy works for the working class best?

Question by Jane: What ideal political economy works for the working class best? Best answer: Answer by wyomugsCapitalism. Why? Because it allows the working class to better itself by it’s own “power”… and not anything “granted” to them by some authority, or some social class, or other “artificial” means. It says to the working class… […]

Putin again, the political position and 24 years

Written by True Religion soft pattern “If nothing happens, Putin will in the next 12 years, while Medvedev would run the country in 2024 years” age 72 years or more, it means that Mr. Putin, we already know that 2036 years Russian political “The 24 largest Russian political thriller, President Dmitry Medvedev suggested Prime Minister […]

Political power and the international trading

Article by Chris The relationship between political power and the international trading structure can be analyzed in terms of the relative opportunity costs of closure for trading partners. The higher the relative cost of closure, the weaker the political position of the state. Hirschman has argued that this cost can be measured in terms of […]

The second session of the Sino-US high-level political dialogue H

Written by Luckysatr The second session of the Sino-US dialogue at high level of political parties 2 to 3 days in Washington. Wang Jiarui and representatives of the Democratic Party U. S., the former Republican Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright and former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Williamson, co-chair. Both U.S. political parties around the […]

Perspectives of Moral Political Economy – Muhammad Rafeeq – Global Vision 2000

Muhammad Rafeeq Banking Consultant and Internet radio broadcaster A Banking Management consultant who has experience in the City going back over 20 years. He began his City career in the discount houses, who traditionally facilitated the issuance of the British national debt through UK Treasury bills and UK gilts. Since 1998 he has specialised in […]

Ideal Political Essay Writers

Many students do not know what to do when required to come up with political essay assignments. Many students have limited time to research on their assignments or they have limited material which they can use to research for their assignments. Some students fall victim to some online companies that are out to take advantage […]

Political Science Topics

Some of political science papers which students are required to complete include essays, research papers and thesis among others. Writing of political science papers is not easy simply because most of students are affected by the political situations. The first aspect which one should put into consideration when writing academic work is the selection of […]

False Dichotomy: The Two-Party Political Farce

Article by Sahvrin Aiki Politically active people in America, with the help of the corporate media, believe the nation is governed by a two-party political system. Upon closer inspection it’s more likely that special interest groups own both parties and use the false dichotomy to effectively push their agenda. Every story has a central duality. […]

Doctor, Doctor, Please Make The (Political) Voices Stop!

Don’t you really do wish that sometimes our politicians would give us all a break from their verbal insanity and rantings and abide by that old saying: “Its better to remain silent and thought ignorant than to speak up and remove all doubt.” Unfortunately, the politicians in this country rarely abide by this sound advice, resulting […]

Credit Card Debt Helps Define Political Issues

As the nation struggles to pare down its personal credit card debt, individual families are learning a lesson that may have huge political consequences in 2010 and beyond. History tells us that voters pay attention to simple campaign messages and President Barrack Obama and congressional Democrats are providing the GOP with plenty of potential themes […]