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False economy of political bickering

False economy of political bickering This summer's narrowly averted budget impasse – and Standard and Poor's consequent downgrade of the country's credit worthiness – have only exacerbated the situation as the warriors of the political establishment's left and right wings grow farther … Read more on CanadaEast.com ANALYSIS – Protectionism at bay despite currency war […]

Political Pontifications

As a student of history, I have always been fascinated by the sociopolitical events which led to the Fascist take over of Germany, and how they were so successful, as many people seemed to be caught so unaware of the impending doom that loomed upon the horizon; how could they have been so blind, as […]

The Political Ploy of Fear

These words were spoken in 1947, but their meaning resonates through the halls of the White House today – “…the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders – that is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked ….and denounce those against you as unpatriotic…it works […]

What do you know about Nigeria in social, political and economy?

Question by Loveday L: What do you know about Nigeria in social, political and economy? Best answer: Answer by Michael SNigeria is very corrupt! Full of scams and bad people trying to get over! Economy Main article: Economy of Nigeria Years of military rule, corruption, and mismanagement have hobbled economic activity and output in Nigeria […]

How globalised is the world political economy?

Question by mirnic_85: How globalised is the world political economy? Best answer: Answer by susiso much so that if it gets any more globalized, we won’t know one country from another. Jeez, that pisses me off! Add your own answer in the comments!

What book changed/enhanced your understanding of political economy?

Question by B: What book changed/enhanced your understanding of political economy? Say you have a friend who has never taken 1 economics course. This person is very interested in learning about economics, what would be the books/articles you would recommend. This person asks that the reading be light as in no jargon or dizzying graphs […]

Politics Vs The Watercooler – Political Protocol For the Workplace

On the stage in political theatre, we as a nation have been spectators and participants of the greatest, most suspenseful and dramatic miniseries -The Presidential Election of 2008. No wonder this has been our country’s current recreation. Do you recall the old adage that politics is the only game for adults? The players/candidates must be […]

Creating a Global Political Party

Part I – Current Trends As we become more globalized, is it time that the citizens of the world created a worldwide political party? Such parties exist in Europe, for example, under the umbrella of the EU. There are loose associations between the European wide Christian Democratic parties, Socialist parties and Green Parties. But there […]

The Political Economy of the Cold War

Speaker: Professor Niall Ferguson Chair: Professor Arne Westad This event was recorded on 18 October 2010 in Old Theatre, Old Building At its heart the Cold War was a competition between two economic systems. Despite having in common a “military-industrial complex”, they were profoundly different in the degree of freedom they offered their citizens, the […]

paper topic for international political economy?

Question by mike: paper topic for international political economy? Any ideas for a topic for an international political economy class? Best answer: Answer by Double JohnsonInternational bankers want to control the world through money and play puppeteer. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Are the Republicans trying to hurt the economy for political reason ?

Question by Vesaversa1: Are the Republicans trying to hurt the economy for political reason ? Yesterday, ABC News leaked a confidential report from investment bank Goldman Sachs warning that the spending cuts proposed by the Republicans to take effect this year would slow the economy by 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product. It also found […]

Political Risks In International Trade

In the era of globalization and international trade, host countries may be facing rigid legislative, judiciary and governmental institutions, unfavourable to international operations from foreign firms. Moreover, dictatorships, bribery, corruption and unstable governments are, in many cases, substantial reasons for assessing the political risk involved in a firm’s launching onto a foreign country. Political changes […]

Political Equality – Marching vs Lobbying?

In Capitalist America everything seems to be “for sale,” but what about the Government? In 2006, according to The Center For Responsive Politics, corporations, labor unions, and other organizations spent .6 billion to”lobby” Congress and all other federal agencies. Who spent the most money trying to convince law makers to support their cause? Exxon Mobil, […]

Assessing Political Risks With Insurance

In the world dictated by global economy demand things are getting quite close and inter-related no matter where your business is. And unpleasant things like political instability, riots, wars and revolutions within one country can strongly influence the business in another part of the world. That’s why businesses working at the international market need political […]

Generate Online Political Technology Pros Degree For any Superior Future

Article by clarencebrown66 Following getting the bachelors diploma, men and women outside, hurry up of their professional everyday life which they barely obtain time to make their master’s diploma, during this approach that they both lose their particular on heading work, so that they’re able to improve his or her abilities to realize the richer […]