Why Bush proposes a communist idea to help the economy, and nobody calls a Communist?

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Question from lazy thinking : Why Bush proposes a communist idea to help the economy, and nobody said a Communist
! A 700 billion bailout to help banks This is a common thing that was done by all communist countries such as Venezuela Cuba.Chavez Castro, former Soviet Union, and they called and were Communist.Why Bush n ‘is not called as we now proposes to help the economy with communist ideas of Marx and Engels.And I do not know if it is approved, the economy in a state grave.Meilleure comment:

by Galaxy Girl
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  1. leavin#1

    This is not communist it is Fascist
    Communism seeks to use the product of industry to benefit everyone to their own need.
    Fascism is the power of the state using the product of the populace to support the corporations.

  2. Zap

    It’s actually a socialist idea…you obviously don’t know the difference. However, its either do something or our whole economy collapses…not much choice in the matter as much as it sucks.

  3. kpk02

    Notice that the Republicans are split on this while Democrats are all lined up in agreement with Bush. Not all republicans agree with bush on this. Many don’t because it doesn’t fix the real problem.

    I thought agreeing with Bush was a horrible thing. At least that’s what Obama’s ads keep telling me. It’s a shame since now he’ll have to actually research into exactly what McCain does and doesn’t agree with Bush on rather than a blanket statement.

  4. rz1971

    Probably because the only options given have been a bail out, or do nothing. I really don’t like either but I have no idea how to make things better and the Democraps and Republicons only seem to want to bicker between the two and not actually try to solve this mess, and cover the fact they had a chance to solve it early but did nothing.

    Congress is a bickering, loud-mouthed, do-nothing, group of idiots who should all be voted out of office. We need leaders not talkers!

  5. Smalls28

    Its not communist, its just socialist leaning. The country is in total shit right now, and we need to try anything to fix it.

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