Why The Indian Middle Class Do Not Involve Themselves in Indian Politics

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The Indian middle class today is picking up fast. The middle class as a group is getting bigger and bigger by the day. India is progressing everyday. We are now a trillion dollar plus economy. Which means that we see a shift from poor people to middle class. Income and education help facilitate this shift from poor to middle class.

The middle class man or the “aamaadmi” is a man with some standard education. He has a job which is decent enough to feed his family. His priorities are simple, work, save enough for the kids, educate them, marry them off and finally retire peacefully. He is no the man who thinks of making billions of dollars overnight. He always tries to save that little extra for a rainy day. He is concerned about making ends meet and be able to save that little extra for a rainy day.

This AamAadmi is not very concerned about the world around him. He can’t care any less though, he is a very busy man leading a very busy life with certain objectives to meet. He probably doesn’t even know who is the local MLA or MP from his area. But the AamAadmi is a man with education and knowledge. It is not that he doesn’t voice his opinion. It is not that he does not have problems that he doesn’t want to get fixed. Then why does he keep quiet and keep his opinions to himself?

The answer lies in the Indian political system. The Aam Aadmi hates the politics, he hates the bureaucracy and he hates the problems and constraints the Indian political system faces.

The AamAadmi hates the politicians, every single one of them. He is tired of listening to their never-to-be-kept promises. The AamAadmi believes that how much ever he voices his opinion, it would still go unheard. The AamAadmi knows about the criminals that rule politics. They are just good to the hard earned money of poor impoverished tax-payers.

The AamAadmi believes that there are no educated politicians. All of them are ignorant, illiterate, unintellectual and they are upto no good. In fact, the AamAadmi hates politics so much that he has lost his political ideology. Therefore, he doesn’t even bother voting. The AamAadmi refuses to be bothered about who should rule the country and who should represent him. All these are reasons why the AamAadmi does not bother about politics.

However, the Aam Aadmi does not realize that he is the cause of all these bad politics. If he does not voice his concern or protest, how will he expect development? It is because of his reluctance to complain and complain hard that development is stagnated. Politicians can easily manipulate the poor because they are illiterate. Politicians cannot manipulate a man with sufficient knowledge and thinking. The politician cannot throw dust into the eyes of the middle class and get away with it.

If the AamAadmi collectively come together and voice their opinion, they can certainly expect much better governance. If AamAadmi bothers to go to vote and vote for the right candidate looking at his merits, there won’t be bad politicians. If AamAadmi wants development around him, he needs to be politically active. He has the freedom to think. Then why not?

Written by vanguard76
Part time writer and student from India

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  1. Rayaan

    I agree with the author of the article. It is the citizens who choose their leaders and it is the citizens who are suppressed at the hands of the leaders. But as the author writes, if the aam aadmi unites as one, then no one can stop India from having a good and corrupt free governance. We need leaders who will strengthen India’s future and Nav-bharat is a political movement which will help elect the right leaders for our nation. I have joined Nav-bharat because I want to contribute for the betterment of my nation and if you want to join and understand about Nav-bharat please visit – http://www.nav-bharat.org

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